Aqua-Guard founders develop APP to help protect our oceans and beaches

Aqua-Guard founders develop APP to help protect our oceans and beaches.

This summer the founders of Aqua-Guard along with family and friends volunteered to help clean provincial beaches. Aqua-Guard’s founders have developed an app called Trubeach ( which allows beachgoers and volunteers to post reviews of what they see and do to help bring awareness to the true condition of our global coastlines.

During the last few months, our Trubeach crew have been joining volunteers from the Surfrider Foundation to help clean up beaches and other locations around the Pacific Northwest. 
Nigel Bennett: Aqua-Guard/Trubeach founder: “I have been astounded by how much garbage we could actually collect from a beach that, on the surface, appears clean. Last weekend, for instance, the crew in beautiful Vancouver gathered 164 pounds of trash in just two hours from Jericho Beach. That stash of trash included”:
*  4,700 cigarette butts
* 49 Plastic Straws
* 41 Plastic Utensils
* 35 Plastic Bags
* 211 Food Wrappers
* 65 Cans/Bottles/Coffee Cups
* 272 Plastic & Metal Bottle Caps 
Thanks to Surfrider Foundation Vancouver for inviting us to participate in 3 other clean-ups during the summer. If you were out and about during the spring and summer, you may have spotted us at these locations:
1. Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver) with the Vancouver chapter
2. Florencia Bay (Tofino, Vancouver Island) with the Pacific Rim chapter
3. Clover Point Beach (Victoria) with the Vancouver Island chapter
Surfrider is a truly amazing group of volunteers that are changing the tide of trash on our beaches and in our oceans⎯one bit at a time.
Monique Green Surfrider Vancouver comments:  “It has been a pleasure collaborating with TruBeach this summer, who attended a clean up with each of the Surfrider Canada Chapters! TruBeach is an app that is allowing folks all over the world to report on the cleanliness of beaches, and it has become a platform to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the state of our oceans.  
Check it out, and remember to take 3 for the sea (or more!!) each time you head to the beach.”

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