RuiSi Tech Pave the way for the establishment of international maritime cooperation

 From February 27th to March 1st, Mr. Wu Yue, General Manager of Ruisi Technology, James Director of the National Maritime Academy of Ireland, and Mr. Darren, President of SEFtec Group, went to Shandong Maritime Vocational College to conduct on-the-spot investigations and visits, and discussed and established the international ocean. The specific details of the engineering talent training center, the two sides also reached a consensus on a series of education and training projects such as carnival cruise tourism, hotel services. Li Guangjing, deputy secretary of the Education Committee of Weifang Municipal Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Higher Education Office, Jia Lingguo, executive deputy director of the Central District Development Service Center of Binhai District, Wang Jingliang, secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Maritime Vocational College, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, vice president Xu Liqing, dean Assistant Song Zhigang and the relevant person in charge of the Navigation Institute attended the relevant activities.Dean Wang Jingliang gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of the development and construction of the college and the achievements of the school in recent years and the development plan of the next college. Director James said that according to the signing of the strategic framework cooperation agreement between Ireland's National Maritime Academy and Shandong Maritime Vocational College in Ireland, through further contacts between the two sides, the contents of the cooperation agreement will be further refined, enriched and landed. The two houses establish China and international maritime affairs. The achievement of the goal of the bridge and window of the business will surely provide a beneficial promotion for the development of the maritime training industry in each other's countries, and escort the "One Belt, One Road" grand national policy. The two sides hope to use this joint international marine engineering talent training center to establish a long-term, effective and win-win cooperation mechanism, and take this opportunity to expand the cooperation between the two hospitals in the field of cruise training, hotel service management and other fields. The model, the two houses reached a series of cooperation results and agreements based on the strategic cooperation framework signed last year. The study and exchange activities enhanced mutual understanding between the college and the Irish National Maritime Academy, and created a new situation in the international exchange and cooperation of the college.

During the inspection and exchange, accompanied by the leadership of the party committee of the college, Ruisi Technology and SEFtec visited the training laboratory and training base of the College of Navigation, Aviation College and other colleges. They highly praised the teaching environment and training conditions of the college

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