RUISI TECH Attend the OPITO GLOBALConfronce in Kuclc LumpurMclcysic

On November 7th & 8, 2018, OPITO GLOBAL - Skilled for Safety meeting held in Kuala Lumpur. By the official invitation, rui technology with Irish partner——SEFtec company took part in the conference, communicate with the relevant people from around the world in fields of environmental protection and Safety training, broader business development for the future, laid a good foundation.

During the meeting, Mr. Wu Yue (above left), general manager of RUISI TECH, the general agent of SEFtec in China, conducted cordial and in-depth discussions with Darren (above right), President of SEFtec, and sorted out and summarized the existing business, paving the way for further business cooperation in the future.


The conference subject is 'SKILLED FOR SAFETY,'  is designed to explore and promote ways to improve the SAFETY skills of people who work with aircraft, such as flying and operating at sea, to deal with potential emergencies, and the confrence brought together many of the industry's elite and established speakers to give a speech.

- Jeff Skiles, is known as a hero copilot of "The miracle of Hudson"  of the ditching events happened in 2009 in Manhattan (above right), was invited to attend the meeting and gave a stirring speech, as a plane crash, he vividly describes the aircraft in distress for us from lost all power to  how to work with the captain to landed on the plane safe on the Hudson river thtough the three breathtaking minutes,He Shared the lessons he learned in this real emergency, providing valuable experience for flight attendants and those involved in OPITO safety training.

- Jack Becker, a former U.S. navy pilots, has more than 21000 times free mishaps landing experience, has a lot of training and practical experience, for the participants shared the experience,of landed safely after be hit by bullets in the Iraq war, combined with his own years of  unique concept of security and training and experience which is more close to actual combat's.

In addition, Mr Wu Yue(general manager of RUISI TECH ) have meetings withthe chief executive of OPITO—— Mr. John McDonald (above left), director of OPITO ——James Hamilton, asia-pacific regional manager of OPITO—— Mark Anderson respectively, and made a statement in the group discussion , introduces the OPITO development situation in China, proposes several opinions and suggestions for the development of OPITO in China, RUISI TECH also further understand the OPITO organization's spirit, has established the good beginning for future cooperation!

The conference also invited a number of security training institutions, training equipment suppliers, covering the entire OPITO and related industries, RUISI TECH has benefited from exchanges with various manufacturers, and has also developed and established more business channels.

In the future development, RUISI TECH will combine its own advantages, constantly absorb advanced experience in China and abroad, and gradually improve and establish a security training business in line with international standards like OPITO to fill the domestic gap in local!

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