RUISI TECH and Hebei university of technology negotiated and cooperated on Hengshui Lake environmental improvement project

In July 2018, RUISI TECH and Hebei university of technology negotiated and cooperated on Hengshui Lake environmental improvement project.

RUISI TECH utilizes exclusively imported Swedish Truxor amphibious vehicle equipment, in combination with site features of governance,
According to local conditions, it provides the best solution for the environmental management of Hengshui Lake.
After repeated discussions, the technical team of RUISI TECH & technology team of Hebei university finally reached a deployment agreement with relevant local departments and company, decide to introduce Truxor amphibious vehicle  and associated technology , comprehensive treatment & protection of lake Hengshui Lake environment.
Since the company launched the first Truxor amphibious system in 1996, it has been widely recognized by users and the market.
The system can be used in combination with multiple components, giving Truxor a unique advantage in the market
Truxor can easily replace a variety of tools, with the ability to cut and collect aquatic plants such as reeds, dredge, dig and clean up oil spills.
Truxor is ideal for operations in wildlife refuges, golf courses and other sensitive areas where traditional machines can't get into.
The greatest advantage of Truxor system for wetland maintenance is its ability to easily navigate both land and water
Truxor's flexible joystick gives Truxor perfect control over narrow channels and obstacles.
The Truxor amphibious vehicle series has been developed for a long time, providing customers with the latest technology and design.
One of the most important aspects is its hydraulic system is very effective and easy to use .The stabilized power supply can be output to different sockets.
High volume pumps that perform dredging or oil removal work , can provide extremely high output.
The handle of the driver's control area is ergonomically designed and easy to turn and operate with tools.
Truxor is a professional multi-functional machine that can perform tasks such as desilting, reed cutting, digging, oil removal, garbage collection, etc., and it is the best choice to solve the environmental maintenance problems of lakes.
Overview of hengshui lake
Hengshui lake national nature reserve in Hebei province is located in the Taocheng district and  Jizhou district,Hengshui city , Hebei provinceis, it's a  national AAAA level tourist attractions.
It is also the only natural reserve in north China plain that maintains complete wetland ecosystems such as swamps, waters, tidal flats, meadows and forests, covering an area of 283 square kilometers.
The lake area is a plain fresh water lake with good water quality and reliable water supply.In the lake district, there are more than 150 kinds of waterfowl such as red-crowned crane, white swan, grey crane, white goose, swan and small gull.
The whole lake is divided into three parts: deep water, shallow water and beach.The lake water is clear, blue waves ripples, you can drive the boat to enjoy the scenery, also can fishing for happy sentiment.
At present, a variety of scenic spots such as Lingxiu mountain resort, Military city and tourism dock have been opened to the public.

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