Aqua-Guard launches new RotoX technology to remediate ultrc heavy oil pits around the world

Over the past 25 years, Aqua-Guard has been working in the international oil industry recovering floating hydrocarbons from oil/water separation ponds. After successfully operating Aqua-Guard's patented RBS TRITON™ oil skimming technology in their separators for years, clients came to Aqua-Guard with a new problem to solve.


Many large pits and oil settling ponds remain idle for months or years exposed to the open environment. During this time, the oil mixture becomes so weathered and solid that the only solution is to excavate which is nearly impossible in large volumes or is very expensive.

One of Aqua-Guard's existing clients asked us if we could design a solution to this re-occurring problem.  Aqua-Guard accepted the challenge and after a year of R&D, testing and operation on-site, the new RotoXtechnology was born.


The RotoX works in conjunction with Aqua-Guard's patented RBS TRITONTM oil skimming technology by macerating the large oil solids, recovering the slurry and pumping it out of the ponds. Aqua-Guard's clients are now able to process and potentially reuse much of this recovered ultra heavy oil that has been a burden to the oil companies and environment for years.

Aqua-Guard will be displaying the new RotoX technology at the International Oil Spill Conference in Long Beach, California this May 15-18, 2017.

Please come and learn more about RotoX.

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