RuiSi Tech new type of RTP hydraulic pump


On july 1th 2016. RUISI Tech produced the RTP hydraulic oil transfer pump after repeated design and development with years of experience in oil spill response technology.

After many test, RTP pump has a high suction and high lift, the scope and ability of oil spill response are more than other products at home and abroad. In addition, positive &negative and on-site troubleshooting are improve the anti-jamming ability of garbage; characteristic such as, practicality is more superior to traditional screw pump and centrifugal pump with long time  stem turn.
  For oil spill response is much better than the diaphragm pump and small screw pump , from the common 5000 CST medium viscosity  increased to more than 30000 CST.
RTP hydraulic pump has greatly increased the RDS skimmer’s work ability, technology reached the international advanced level.


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