Aqua-Guard demonstrates clean water technology in Latin American refineries

 Aqua-Guard completes another successful demonstration and training exercise in a Latin American Refinery complex. Over the past several years, Aqua-Guard has completed many successful demonstrations and training exercises in refinery complexes from Mexico to the tip of Argentina.

Aqua-Guard’s patented and unique RBS TRITON™ oil skimmers are highly sophisticated brush/disc recovery systems able to recover large amounts of surface oil (from light crude to ultra heavy oil) with minimal water content.

These systems have been demonstrated and installed in many oil ponds and API separators in refineries throughout Latin America,  with the goal of recovering high volumes of surface oil, which is sent back into the refining process and re-used, with great cost savings to the refinery.

The benefit to the refinery is that it is able to recover high volumes of perceived non-usable oil which can be pumped back into the refining process, therefore increasing the refineries out put along with cutting down the amount of oil passing into the secondary treatment process.  This cuts down on the need to inject expensive chemicals into the process with an end benefit to the local environment.

These special RBS TRITON™ oil skimming systems are manufactured in stainless steel for permanent installations and can be powered via pneumatic or explosion proof electric hydraulic drive units.

Please contact us to see how we can help your refining process save money by collecting more oil along with protecting the environment.

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