Ruisi Tech's Partner -----Aquc-Guard's Year in Review - 2015


Aqua-Guard has had another year marked with significant accomplishments and achievements.

This would not have been possible without the continual support of our dedicated staff, partners and clients around the globe.

Despite the recent decline in global oil prices, the industry is still producing and transporting more than 94 million barrels/day (January 2015) and is projected to surpass 96 million barrels/day in 2016.

Global regulatory entities continue to implement and tighten environmental legislation around the globe with the greatest impact in developing nations.

As a result, Aqua-Guard’s business has been booming with activity in most regions of the globe where oil is produced and moved over the network of water passageways.

Aqua-Guard executives and staff visited almost 20 countries in 2015 to further understand the local markets and strengthen relationships with local staff, partners and clients.

We pride ourselves on designing and supplying the best available oil spill response and industrial solutions for the global market.

This past year saw further success with the large offshore URO oil skimming systems and the mid-sized RBS TRITON™150, 150T (Trailer) and 150 OS (Offshore) systems.

Other successes include the supply of Airflex heavy-duty neoprene oil containment boom/reel systems along with Harbourflex permanent oil containment boom systems.

Over the year, Aqua-Guard hosted numerous clients and global partners at our headquarters in Vancouver. They witnessed demonstrations of the large offshore URO oil skimming system and visited Western Canada Spill Response Corporation (WCMRC) to view a recently supplied RBS TRITON™ 150 OS (Offshore) latest generation oil skimming system.

During the Clean Pacific Exhibition and Conference, held in Vancouver this past summer, WCMRC highlighted their recently purchased RBS TRITON™ 150 OS skimming system, which was deployed from their Burrard Cleaner #18 barge.

Joining WCMRC in the exercise were vessels and assets from the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, the US Coast Guard and the Washington Marine Group (Seaspan).

These are just some of the highlights from a busy 2015. Again, we would like to thank all our staff, partners and clients around the globe for your continual support.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Nigel Bennett, Co-founder and Cameron Janz, CEO.

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