Ruisi Tech Oil Boom RAR1510 Loading To Containers for Exporting to Canada


Ruisi Tech gained the follow-up order from our Canadian customer in August succeeded by the successful order at the end of March,2015.

Ruisi Tech's oil boom for export is manufactured strictly according to ASTM standard. All material and accessories have been tested rigidly so as to guarantee the product quality.

Ruisi Tech established a sound and rigid quality control system throughout the whole process including the preparation of the material, the production and the delivery period. Our quality controller tracked and monitored the whole process and issue relavant testing report for each period, which guarantee the quality of each component. Ruisi Tech creates its brand   RUISI TECH with excellant quality and have been trying to achieve the best !

Ruisi Tech oil containment boom, produced according to Ruisi Tech quality control system, has been accepted satisfactorily by our Canadian customer after the customer's repeated inspection. Ruisi Tech oil containment boom RAR1510 was loaded to containers at factory on Sept. 9, 2015 and exported smoothfully to Canada on Sept. 13,2015.

Here we thank all of our staff for your efforts!

Enjoy the work and work joyfully!










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