New Type RPU X6 Powerpack started to develop by RuiSi Tech


Combined with years of experience in the use of oil spill response equipment, Ruisi Tech provides the power for the tools such as oil skimmer, transfer pump, boom reel, hydraulic inflator by adopting international advanced technology in power, hydraulic pressure, and anti-corrosion, etc.



Compared with the current power unit in the market, the advantage of RPU X6 is as follows:


1. Elegant design, compact structure and light weight, easy to move

2. High-quality aluminum alloy and stainless material, protected by anti-corrosion paint

3. Environmental emissions, up to EPA  4 (US) standard

4. Low fuel consumption rate of only 264g/KWh, 25% lower than others in the industry.

  Low oil consumption rate of only 1.38g/KWh by adopting the oil droplet recovery of respirator

5. Ω combustion chamber design, direct injection fuel injection, normal start temperature -20 ~ + 80

6. cold starting preheater can be customized. The lowest start-up temperature can be - 45 which can adapt to harsh working conditions.

7. powerful, hydraulic operating pressure 210Bar, maximum 250Bar.

8. dual hydraulic circuit with adjustable flow, which can drive different hydraulic tools.

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