RBS TRITON™ 60 System Delivered to HeBei MSA


Aqua-Guard RBS TRITON 60 System delivered to HeBei MSA in December this year.

RBS TRITON™ 60 oil skimming systems are versatile, ideal for use in protected, calm water and industrial environments. The system offers extremely high oil recovery rates with up to 98% efficiency and is able to respond to most oil spill needs.

Brush, disc and drum recovery modules can be easily interchanged without tools in less than 5 minutes.

The marine grade aluminum and stainless steel construction ensure durability and long lasting service.

The skimmer front trough can be removed for operation in high wave and windy conditions.

In Mexico Gulf Oil Spill Disaster 2010, more than 80 RBS TRITON 60™ skimmer systems were used to aid. It is the most advanced oil spill response system so far.


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