New Aqua-Guard oil skimming system is the largest on Canada's West Coast

Complete system is mounted on the 4,000-tonne Burrard Cleaner No. 18, a WCMRC storage and working platform barge currently stationed in Burrard Inlet.

The system is deployed by crane over the side of the barge and can be controlled by one operator via wireless remote control. The skimmer head is maneuvered hydraulically by powered thrusters directly into areas of concentrated oil and can recover 150 tonnes of product per hour at a 96% recovery efficiency rate.
The RBS TRITON™ 150 OS consists of three major components: a high capacity oil skimmer head, a hydraulic power pack and a floating-hose reel system. Other features include:
- Interchangeable brush/disc/drum modules recover virtually any viscosity of oil
- Mid to high volume capacity skimmer and pump combinations
- Floating umbilical hose deploys and recovers the system
- Free-floating skimmer is recovery-ready as soon as it enters the water


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