RDS15 Work Very Well for A Little Thickness Oil

The RDS 15 Skimmer is a light, portable suction type oil skimmer, designed to recover oil from shore lines, harbors, estuaries, rivers and lakes. The RDS 15 Skimmer uses the proven RuiSi Tech double brush system which delivers high oil recovery capacity above that of ordinary skimmers. The double brush system is effective in recovering light oil which has been a problem for other brush designs.


Air Temperature: 27℃
Water Temperature: 20℃
16 kg of Marine diesel 120~380cst
Sampling Equipment:
RDS15 Skimmer
Test Results:
The RDS 15 Skimmer is very good for recovering the little thin oil.
Test Video: v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzM3MTQwMzg4.html



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