RuiSi Tech visited CAAMS

RuiSi Tech and the cooperative partner Mr. Torbjorn Hahlin, CEO of Dorotea Mekaniska AB visited Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences(CAAMS) on 21th March, 2014.
During the technical exchange, we watched the brief introduction film about CAAMS and felt that Chinese agriculture always keep abreast o the times. Mr. Torbjorn introduced his company and TRUXOR amphibian carrier, and Mr. Wu explained the details and the features. At the same time, we all watched the related videos to know how does TRUXOR amphibian carrier work, and all questions that be ask we gave the detailed explaination.
Truxor has been appreciated around the world since the first machine was exported in 1996. This amphibious machine combined with an extensive range of accessories has made Truxor unique in the market.
With a wide range of easy to fit tools, Truxor can cut and collect aquatic weed and reed growth, dredge, excavate, clean up oil spills and much more. The amphibious nature of Truxor combined with low ground pressure allow it to operate in sensitive areas without damage to the environment.
Truxor is the ideal choice when working on wildlife reserves, golf courses and other sensitive areas normally inaccessible to conventional machines. Being able to simply travel from land to water is a great asset in wetland conservation management.


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