From time to time we publish information on new equipment developments likely to be of interest to our community. This one isn’t new but it is certainly interesting and it is very likely that many of our members and other readers have not heard about it before.

The Salarollpump System is a proven oil spill cleanup, tank cleaning / sludge removal and difficult liquid transfer pumping System.
The Salarollpump is a unique patented peristaltic pump design that is an alternative to vacuum trucks due to its super suction.
Although a vacuum truck has a much greater flow rate for light viscosities, the Salarollpump is comparable with high viscosities.
The handling weight and portability allows the user to utilize the equipment in locations that a vacuum truck cannot and it offers an unlimited discharge capability into multiple containers or trucks.

The Salarollpump aka “The Super Suction Pump” was originally developed for shoreline / pipeline oil spill clean-up. It is capable of pumping high viscous oil near freezing temperatures such as bunker oil laden with debris which makes it an effective tool for industrial, marine and offshore tank cleaning. It’s also ideal for chemical spills, submerged oil recovery and especially high viscous skimmer offloading. The handling weight and portability enable the user to deploy the Salarollpump System in remote locations. It has few working parts, can run dry, is self-compensating for wear and is extremely durable. The pump has a reverse operation for clearing an obstruction or blockage that could damage other pumps.
With regard to tank cleaning, the high vacuum of the pump improves efficiency of suction from a valve at the bottom of a wide variety of tanks such as slop tanks. This simple method of connection will give easy, quicker clean out with little preparation required and fewer access issues. The risk for sparks due to static electricity is low due to the low rotating speed of the pump and the ability to place the power pack outside the hazardous area. The low rotating speed of the pump also ensures that the high viscous oil being pumped stays bonded together rather than vortexing from the intense vacuum of a vacuum truck which results in pumping air rather than oil. We have conducted tests for tank cleaning where the Salarollpump’s recovery rate was similar to a vacuum truck when pumping high viscous sludge from the bottom of tanks.
Many oil companies use this pump for tank cleaning and spill response. They especially like the versatility and standardization of using one system for more than one application. In Russia the Salarollpump Systems are stored on trains carrying crude oil to clean out the sludge from the rail car tanks and for emergency response in case of spills.
The Salarollpump Systems and Truxor amphibious vehicle equipped with the Salarollpump and brush skimmer were two of only 300 new technologies approved for use by BP out of 60,000 submissions during the Gulf Oil spill. We adapted the Salarollpump to the TRUXOR which is a unique amphibious vehicle to enhance its brush skimmers effectiveness and utilize the Salarollpump’s ability to pump debris laden oil from the ground / shoreline via the suction nozzle which can be lifted from the skimmer intake.
The TRUXOR exerts minimal ground pressure and is easy to maneuver with undue damage to land. As a result, it is suitable for use at nature preserves, and sensitive land sites. TRUXOR is easy to drive and operate, rotates completely around its own axle in water, and has great precision. TRUXOR’s wide assortment of tools gives the machine flexibility for various types of work with an effortless connection system that allows for a simple conversion of tools. Applications include: Dredging, Reed Cutting & Gathering, Excavation and Oil Spill Recovery.

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