Aqua-Guard completes 10 days of ocean demonstrations of its largest URO Offshore Oil Skimming System





Over a 10-day period this August, Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. held at sea demonstrations of its state-of-the-art URO 600 offshore oil skimming system. Aqua-Guard invited customers and industry associated personnel to view, learn and operate the system to understand and appreciate all of the features and ease of operation.

The URO 600 (equipped with patented RBS TRITON™ technology) is the largest of its kind available on the market with an oil recovery capacity of over 600 m3/h.
The system was launched from a jetty at the Vancouver Drydock facility in North Vancouver, Canada. A single operator fully deployed and operated all functions of the system via the handheld wireless remote control unit.
The 2,300 kg (5,000 lb) URO 600 skimmer head is deployed and recovered by the high tensile floating hose utilizing the 6-meter crane extension. Once in the water, the skimmer head’s dual 36cm (14") diameter thrusters were engaged producing 72hp of total thrust, allowing the necessary maneuvering of the skimmer head and its 80 m of trailing floating hose.
Four brush recovery modules, complete with the brush extension option and patented RBS TRITON™ oil recovery technology, were engaged with the twin high capacity lobe pumps (375 m3/h) and water injection system located on the skimmer head.
A pump inlet adapter was demonstrated showing how the skimmer head can easily be converted to a lightering or transfer pump for general transfer and salvage operations.
In attendance were representatives from:
Marine Spill Response Corp USA (MSRC), Western Canada Marine Response Corp (WCMRC), Shell E&P Alaska, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines, Kinder Morgan (Trans Mountain Expansion Project), ESSO (Imperial Oil) Calgary, Robert Allan Ltd (Naval Architects and Marine Engineers), STX Canada Marine, Worley Parsons, Stantec, Sanitherm, Fitzwright Survival, Simson Maxwell, Royal Bank of Canada, Aqua-Guard international sales agents/staff and other interested third parties.
Owen McHugh | Manager, Emergency Management | Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines
“Thank you for putting on the demo. It was great to see locally built technology at work before it is delivered to its international operator. The amount of automation that has been built into this skimming systems to allow for rapid deployment by a single operator is a great example of how technology is helping to improve response operations. “
Cameron Janz | Chief Executive Officer  | Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.
“It was great to see the both local and international interest and participation in our URO 600 oil skimming system water demonstrations. The event was a great success with participants fully understanding Aqua-Guard's level of quality and technological advancements. It also reinforces the need for constant R&D and the importance of feedback from our clients and industry personnel in terms of operation and maintenance so we can continue our high level of innovation."
Francisco (Paco ) Jimenez | Regional Manager | Latin America | Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.
“It was really nice to have some of our Latin American staff attend the sessions. They were able to spend several training days with the design and development team and execute several deployments themselves.  I have been involved in oil spill response since 1992 and I don’t hesitate to say the URO system represents the most advanced offshore oil recovery system available in Latin America."
Chris Doudican | Regional Manager | Middle East/Africa / Europe | Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.
“I was very pleased to be involved in these ocean demonstrations of the URO 600. Coming from the 'oil patch', and as a new member of the Aqua-Guard team, witnessing over 250 full deployments and recoveries throughout the week, allowed me to understand all facets of the system and give insight in terms of the quality and durability of the URO."
Ron Bowden | Regional Manager | Asia / Pacific | Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.
“The week prior, I had been in Japan taking part in the annual Petroleum Association of Japan’s Oil Spill Response Exercise where we deployed one of our previously supplied URO 300 systems. It was interesting to see the little difference in operation between the experienced Japanese users and the first-time users in Vancouver. This clearly demonstrates the ease of use of the URO and the simplicity of the overall design."
Janaina Martins | Planning & Control Manager | Estaleiro Sao Miguel Grupo Bravante | Brasbunker
“Since 2011, Navegacao Sao Miguel has purchased a total of six (6) URO skimmers from Aqua-Guard. With the combination of state-of-the-art equipment, custom designs, technical and after sales support in Brasil,  Navegacao Sao Miguel continues to recommend URO skimmers throughout the world.”

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